Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The birds are panting

Birds at the bird bath, beaks agape - that is how hot it was today. I watered before work - delightful - and ate lunch on the patio - tolerable. But after the sun crested the rooftop, that was the end of outdoor time.

As much as I complain about watering, I have to admit that there are a few positives, one being the opportunity to keep a close eye on the garden. I have developed the ability to water with one hand and weed or deadhead with the other. And I confess to sweet talking the shrubbery a time or two as we get up close and personal.

So far, I am liking the square-foot-gardening-in-raised-beds thing. Twelve Roma tomato plants and four marigolds or 70140+ onion plants in a 4'x4' bed is much more manageable than long rows of the same. And my left-brained self appreciates the symmetry.

I still think the planting medium is too peat-y, and I expect yields may reflect that. That should improve over time, as I add manure (green and otherwise). Meanwhile, after hearing about how watering may wash nutrients from the soil, I am supplementing with fish emulsion.

A quick fruit and veggie status: tomato plants are blossoming and little 'maters are forming; the Carola potatoes are blossoming but not the Yukon Gold (and I have discovered I don't like russets anymore); peas are done - I buried the spent plants where they stood; after a slow start, the sweet potatoes have taken hold; the everbearing strawberries finished their first crop - a small one, as this is their first year - and are sending out runners; asparagus and herbs look great; and it won't be long before the garlic will be ready to harvest.

Happy Summer Solstice!

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