Thursday, June 21, 2012

So close, yet so far away

I can see the clouds. I can hear the thunder. But will it rain in my backyard? NOOOOOOOO.

While I am waiting for it to cool off a bit outside (again), here are some macro and super macro experiments:

Shasta daisy
Geranium - Calliope
Coreopsis - Creme Brulee
Hosta blossom
Purple-ish coneflower
Marigold - Safari Red
Coneflower - PowWow White
Potato - Carola
Tomato - Roma
Meyer lemons
Bumble bee on Shasta daisy
Bumble bee on hollyhock - Creme de Cassis
Yellow jacket drinking
$25 "as is" fountain
Fountain bubbling
The story about the fountain is, the nursery was practically giving them away. Their reason was, the pump was too strong for the design, spilling water over the top. I figured I could do something to alleviate that - and I could, once I realized the pump is adjustable. The trick is to provide enough oomph that the water clears the lip of the spout, but not so much that the water runs over the sides of the saucer. And then tilt the whole thing a bit forward. Voila!

1 comment:

Jason said...

On Saturday it was supposed to rain but the clouds just teased us by drizzling a bit. I'm thinking of investing in some more soaker hoses so I don't have to drag them around so much.

Good job on that fountain! The nursery's inattentiveness was your gain.