Sunday, May 02, 2010

Robins love baths

Last winter I moved the bird bath closer to the patio door, the easier to manage it.  I meant to move it further away once it was not longer tethered to the outdoor outlet, but I'm glad I didn't.  Sitting at the table, I have a view of the bird bath visitors, usually robins splashing and dunking.  The angle between the bird bath and me is such that the birds can't see me, or at least, not very well.  Others come to visit, but the robins are the most noticeable.

The wren house is also visible from the West Wing, and yesterday a wren was checking the abode out.  But I am much more visible from there, and today I haven't seen any activity going on there.  The wrens have also expressed an interest in the bottle bird house.  Someone stuck a stick in the hole by its lip, as a roost.  At first, I thought some clever bird had done that, but realized it must have been the neighbor who gifted the thing to me.  The instructions said the roost was optional, that a roost would allow larger birds entrance.  We'll see who takes up residence.  Everyone seems to be in nest-building mode.

Another rabbit bit the dust.  It's half-eaten carcass is by the electrical meter, waiting for me to remember to remove it.  If Betsy were the culprit, it would not be half-eaten, plus I think I would have noticed the blood and fur on her.  I'm thinking an owl or a hawk.  While the bunnies are cute and interesting to watch, they do wreak havoc in the garden.

I just mowed the lawn Friday, but already it is swamped by fluffy dandelions.  Again.  I am waiting for Neighborhood Code Enforcement to show up and cite me for the 3B garden, which looks like a rampant meadow right now.  If there weren't a few remaining daffodils and the newly blooming phlox, it would be a total eyesore instead of just a weedy problem.

This has been a rainy weekend.  Every time the sun comes out and a little blue sky breaks through the gray, the weather changes about five minutes later.  It is just enough to discourage any outdoor activity.  I am taking Tuesday off, though, so maybe, just maybe we can get something done.

I was getting close to not being able to park my one car in the two-car garage, so my SO helped me clean it out yesterday.  There is still not room for two cars, but it is much better.  I still have some sorting and pitching to do.

Today I baked a rhubarb-strawberry pie, the rhubarb from my garden, the strawberries from California.  It is a family tradition that I make birthday pie for my kids.  It is also a family tradition that I overload the pie with fruit, thereby guaranteeing the smoke detector will go off once the filling starts dripping over the edge.  Today was no exception.  Good thing my SO and I brought the fans in from the garage - I needed them to clear out the smoke.

No pics today, but for those who wonder, my new camera is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W330.

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