Saturday, May 15, 2010

More pictures!

Blogger is behaving badly re photo placement.  Sometimes it places the photo where the cursor is, sometimes not.

Anyway, here are some blossoms on the Onondaga viburnum.  The outer florets are open but the center ones are just starting.

My only disappointment with this shrub is it does not produce fruit.

The cotoneaster does produce fruit, from these delicate pink blossoms.

I am contemplating moving these from the east side of the house to the west, because the bed on the east side is sandy and dry, which stresses these lovely bushes.

Years ago I planted a half dozen lily-of-the-valley, but the rabbits ate them.  A couple survived.

My SO keeps promising me more from his yard, but the transfer has yet to happen.

Maybe it is the mulch, but I get a lot of mushrooms in my yard when it rains. 

I have no idea whether they are edible, but I find them fascinating in all their variety and complexity.

I can't capture just how stunning the spring phlox are.  They spread like weeds.

Unfortunately, they get rather ratty looking once they are done blooming, but the birds like the seeds.  (A lot of work to be done in the "meadow" there!  If anyone could see into my backyard, they would probably call Neighborhood Code Enforcement to complain about the "weeds".)

In the same lavender color are the chives.

I think these are garlic chives.  Two great flavors wrapped up in one plant.


Anonymous said...

I love those Lily of the Valleys! They're beautiful. I have to get a couple pictures of my peonies. They just started to bloom. Too bad we don't have "smell"ography! They smell divine!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Beautiful photos, Abby! Your new camera is working well. I, too, love the Lily of the Valley. I'm too old (lazy?) to prepare a bed in which these would grow here. Most of my back yard is red clay; what growing spots I do have were obtained by hard labor, and when I was much younger. I am sinfully envious of your well laid out garden.