Saturday, May 22, 2010

And the river is rising

When I looked out the patio door this morning at the rain gauge, I was shocked to see the floater indicating over four inches of rain fell last night.  The rain gauge is located near a downspout and the gutters were overflowing, so I'm not sure how accurate that is.  The weather sites have not posted today's precipitation yet, although I think most of it fell before midnight last night.  At any rate, it is really soggy out there!

Totally Tomatoes agreed to refund my money for the paste collection.  I am still trying to nurse the poor plants back to health.  I picked off the dead foliage, so now they look like miniature palm trees.  About three-quarters of them have a chance, but there are a few that look hopeless.  We'll see.

Ordering plants online is always a gamble.  Sometimes they arrive in great shape and do well in the garden, other times I can't believe what comes out of the box.  Buying locally usually results in a higher success rate, but not always.  At any rate, now that I have gotten my feet wet with starting seeds myself, I plan to do that in the future.

The impatiens are now in the planter on the front porch.  The yellow onion sets have been planted in the garden. I also transplanted the pepper plants and one tomato in a bed that is reachable by the dog, so I dug out an old crappy mini-picket fence I have been hanging onto, to protect them.  I planted a row of Blue Lake bush beans inside the pea fence because last year the rabbits dined freely on them.  I transplanted the leggy basil plants as well, and while I have never had a problem with rabbits eating basil before, they must like that particular variety (Genovese, I believe) because half of them are gone.  I am sorely tempted to get an outdoor cat to take care of the rabbit population, but for now I will build me some fences.

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Pat - Arkansas said...

You've been a busy bee with all that planting.

I know well that "soggy" feeling after the rain. I think we've had around 20" this month. When is enough enough?