Friday, May 14, 2010

Some pictures!

As I keep saying, I am still getting used to my new camera, but so far, I like it. Here are some of the pix I have been promising:

The juniper, in situ:

The reason for their location at the southwest corner of the house is, this part of the house is exposed to the most weather, and the corner bedroom is always either too hot or too cold.

The potato patch:

 Most of my garden beds run north-south, but the new potato beds run east-west.  One problem I have already discovered is now I can't dump grass clippings at both ends of the north-south beds.  Not that that is a big deal.

Not a very good photo, but evidence that the asparagus is growing.  Those are the skinniest stalks I have ever seen.

I am really looking forward to having my own fresh asparagus in a year.  Or two.  Or three.  Only optimists plant asparagus.

Evidence that the potatoes in the potato grow bag are growing:

 (Please ignore the whirly birds from my neighbor's maple tree.)

Tomato and pepper seedlings, shortly after unpacking: 

We had a frost last weekend, but hopefully temps will edge up to the tomato-planting range soon.  These guys look puny in this pic, but they are growing fast.  (Those are marigolds to the right.)

And that is all for now, not because there are not more photos, but I am out of time.

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