Sunday, April 25, 2010

What dandelions?

The TrueGreen guy stopped by my house (uninvited) to offer me a free estimate on lawn care.  If he thinks the front yard looks bad, he should see the back!  I politely declined.

I did reduce the six potato grow bags down to one.  At least, for now.  I may start another one or two, as the season progresses.

The asparagus plants arrived on Wednesday, and I just opened the box today.  It's not that I am not enthusiastic, it is just that I should have prepared the bed last fall.  And the bed I want to use is kind of weedy.  And it seems like I always do this, jump the gun, which annoys my inner Princess Perfect.

Determined to accomplish something on my yard and garden to-do list his week, on Thursday I relocated the sedum that was living in the shadow of the asplenifolia, moving it back into the bed from whence it came.  It has grown since then, so I split it into five clumps.  It looks a little droopy, but I'm sure it will recover.  And then I moved the hostas from the tractor tire in back, the larger one going in front of the lilac bush (where daylilies used to not bloom - too shady) and the smaller one filling the hole left by the sedum.  There is a second sedum next to the sandcherry which also needs to be moved, but my back can take only so much in one evening.

And Friday, under threatening skies, I mowed both front and back.  In the process, I determined what is the problem with my Personal Pace mower:  ME.  Frankly, I simply need to empty the bag more often, as the weight of the bag is what is confusing the Personal Pace feature.  At work, we would call this an "operator error" or "training issue".

Yesterday it drizzled on and off all day, so I used that as an excuse to stay inside.  Today, I can see from the rain gauge that we receive 3/4" of rain so far this weekend.  My SO and I were hoping to start on mulch, but I'm not sure we will be doing much of anything outside today.

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