Saturday, April 17, 2010

The picture of spring

While drinking my coffee this morning in the West Wing, I looked out the window.  There was a robin in the newly budding tulip tree and beneath the tree were daffodils and a bunny in the green grass.  Looks like spring to me!

My order of asparagus plants has been delayed.  I live in Indiana but the name of my street is the same as an island in the Caribbean.  This apparently confused someone at Johnny's Selected Seeds, as I received a statement from them that my item could not be shipped outside the U.S.  I sent them an email, and if I have not heard from them by Monday, I will give them a call.

Still no luck on the camera search, but the old one is behaving now.  Here is a pic of Betsy and her snack dispenser:

Notice that the rabbit is sleeping.  Apparently, Betsy is not a creature to be feared.

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