Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Close enough?

There is nothing better to counteract a bad day at work than a few hours of gardening in the evening, so last night I planted the asparagus.  My experience with gardening can be summed up by remembering that sometimes, even if you do everything right, everything will turn out wrong, and vice verse, so most of the time, if you do something good enough, the results will be good enough.  Hence, the asparagus was not planted according to "best practices" but I think it will be good enough.  Also, the bed is on the north side of the shed, so will receive varying amounts of sunshine through the spring and summer, which theoretically should help extend the asparagus season for me.  We shall see.

Even though the spring average temps are about ten days ahead of time, I don't think our average last frost date is moving as much.  Last night it got down to 32.  I remembered to throw a sheet over the herbs on the porch, but the sheet shifted in the night, exposing some of the basil, which got nipped a bit.

In the garden proper, the onions are up, as are the snap peas.  The rhubarb is bolting already.  And the serviceberry looks like it will actually produce berries this year.  All hostas are present and accounted for, too.  Even the cotoneaster bushes that the rabbits chewed on look good.  This gardener is pleased.

Although my new camera arrived and I have even taken a few pics with it, I am still acclimatizing myself to its mysterious workings.  Like how to get the pics off the camera and onto the computer.

There is probably more I was going to record here, but suddenly my brain craves sleep.  'Night!

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