Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time to soak these tired bones

Gardening doesn't seem like it is that hard, but after several hours wielding rake and hoe, I'm beat.

Today I planted the Yellow Stuttgarter onions (good flavor and good keepers), but only after working up the wrong bed.  I don't think I recorded what I planted where last year, because of course I would remember (and there are probably even photos on this blog to remind me, but I did not look).  After working up the one bed, I realized it was where the onions had been last year.  After working up another bed and planting the sets I realized that that was the bed I was saving for the asparagus.  Not that it can't go elsewhere, it's just I knew that particular bed had been heavily fertilized with compost last year.  And I forgot to mark the ends of the rows with gladiola bulbs, but maybe it is too early to plant them?  And I ran out of onion sets - what I purchased was good for about 40'.  I was planning on buying some more locally anyway.

I also planted the Amish Snap Peas in the pea fence.  Nothing unusual there.  So far.

Then I dragged out the potato grow bags.  All six of them.  I was not planning on using six, as some were supposed to be xmas gifts for others, but they were met with a lack of enthusiasm.  I mixed up what was left of last year's peat and a container mixture of some sort that I think I created myself and a bag of Miracle Gro potting soil and divvied it up amongst the six bags.  It didn't go far, so now I am rethinking my strategy and may just use one or two bags, maybe for "new" potatoes.

A couple of years ago my neighbor gave me a bird bottle in exchange for catsitting.  It's a ceramic nesting house that dates back to colonial days.  Today I finally hung it up, over the compost pile on the south side of the shed, where it will be protected by the neighbor's trees.  I'm curious to see what kind of bird favors it.

The hosta and coral bells that I thought did not make it through the winter survived.  Yay!

And I think that is all I have to report today.

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