Friday, November 13, 2009

A man's perspective

I learned from one of my guy friends on FB why toilets and service panels do not mix: a person who can use the toilet and touch the service panel at the same time could theoretically complete a circuit. My first thought was how a person SITTING on the toilet in my laundry room could accomplish that, but then I realized the not all of us SIT when using the toilet, in which case, yes, the service panel is within reach. I also have to assume that the reason such a code exists is somebody actually did this. In my Book of Life's Rules, that comes under the chapter titled "Just Thinning the Herd".

Anyway, the 30-inch toilet clearance is side-to-side, not front-to-back, so yes, they plan to turn the toilet 90 degrees, a task the plumber says is EASY. If they switch the door around, everything should be copacetic. We are having another powwow early Monday morning, and maybe by the end of the day, we will be ready for another inspection. Yay.

Meanwhile, I am going to clean and reorganize the garage so I can get my car in it, because it is getting frosty at night.

P.S. All my blogs are getting spam from "anonymous" commenters. So I am going to disallow anonymous comments, to see if that eliminates this pesky problem

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