Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cardinals eat yucca seeds!

Several male cardinals were spotted in the asplenifolia, and what they were doing is eating the seeds from the burst pods on the nearby yucca plant. One winter I saw a downy woodpecker pecking at the dead yucca flower stalks, so I stopped cutting them down in the fall. Now I have another reason not to be such a neatnik about the yard.

The laundry room finally passed all the preliminary inspections, so the drywallers came on Friday.

From the outside of the room, looking in:

Inside, including scraped ceiling:

The new alcove for the doorway, with the service panel technically outside of the laundry room:

The inspector liked this solution to the service panel problem.

The drywallers said they were coming back today, for the next step, but no one showed. *sigh* At least they did not interrupt the Colts game (we won! again!)

Seed catalog number two arrived Friday as well: Seed Savers Exchange. I bought garlic from them this year, and am looking forward to sampling more of their offerings. In fact, I'm ready to start gardening right NOW. Well, almost.

P.S. I decided to allow anonymous commenters again, but am moderating all comments. We'll see how that works out.

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