Friday, November 20, 2009

The First

No sooner had I mentioned seed catalogs than one arrived in my mailbox, from a place I've never heard of: Pinetree Garden Seeds. Their introductory note is basically an apology for their lousy service from last year (they were a victim of their own success) and a promise to do better. Ordinarily, that would put me off, but leafing through the pages, I see things that most gardening catalogs do not offer:

* Tobacco seeds (not that I am going to grow tobacco)
* Soap making supplies (not that I am going to make soap, although that might be fun)
* Hop rhizomes (something I've considered, for the beer-brewing members of my family)
* Green manure seeds (definitely interested in this)
* Dyeing herbs (oh, yeah!)
*Seeds for foreign varieties of vegetables: French, Italian, Continental, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern (YUM!)

Already, I'm going "I want that and that and that and THAT and..." I wonder if one of my neighbors would let me turn their backyard into an annex for my garden.

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