Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is this common knowledge?

Today my SO agreed to housesit and let the inspectors in, should they show up. First one in the door was the electrical inspector. Ruh-roh. The toilet and the service panel cannot be inside the same room. Wha'?

It never occurred to me that this would be a problem. Apparently, it did occur to the people doing the work, but when they originally called the city's building inspectorship department, they were given a (tentative?) okay. When the inspector saw the results in real life, though, he said, Sorry, no can pass.

We (the worker guys and I) discussed a few alternatives, one being very expensive, the other being okay but kind of funky (and would not cost me anything extra). They want to recess the doorway into the new laundry room so that TECHNICALLY the service panel will not be in the same room as the toilet. Getting one's bottom onto the toilet will be a tight squeeze, but within allowable limits, which they claim is 30".

Hmmm. I just checked the online catalog for the toilet I picked out. It is 27.5" deep, which would leave the user 2.5" knee room. That doesn't sound like very much.

The guys are supposed to come to the house and draw on the floor just what they are envisioning. The room is 72" wide. I hope there will be more than 30" for the toilet.

Addendum: Home now. The only way their scheme will work is if they turn the toilet 90 degrees from its current intended location. And the door will have to swing the other way, out of the room instead of into it. Storage is more important to me that having a third toilet in my house, so I am also okay with simply keeping the room as it is, sans toilettes. Further discussion to ensue.

At least we passed the heating inspection.

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