Thursday, September 04, 2008

Yes Rain

Two inches. If it weren't for the new room, I would have been happy with the downpour. Unfortunately, the new sump pit filled up and then some. Even the laundry area got wet. At least, the weather has cooled down.

Here is the result of day one of the framing, from the north.

And from the south.

Half the roof was completed as well. This is "Weathered Wood".

The soffits on the old part of the house are an option that I think I will include, as this hole has become chez wasp.

Today I stayed home while the mostly Amish crew makes use of their power tools. They have cell phones, too. The heating guys have been crawling under the house, which unnerves the dog. But I think she is all out of barks... for now.

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