Monday, September 29, 2008

Complaint Department, Please

The wood laminate flooring in the new room is about three-quarters laid. This past weekend, I found myself using the room as a short cut from the patio to the garage, and could feel the flooring give beneath my feet. Hmmm. I know the contractor specified that an underlayment be used to prevent just such a thing. Today I called and was reassured that the underlayment is there and that, once the floor is complete, that springy-ness will go away. I hope. The good news is the floor should be complete on Wednesday.

Second complaint was actually from my neighbor. Apparently, when the drywaller finished repairing the ceiling in my garage, he disposed of the leftover plaster in the storm drain. That is probably illegal, but worse, he removed the storm drain cover to do it and did not replace it. This addition does not have sidewalks, and I could just see someone taking an after-dark walk, stepping off the street to avoid a car, and falling into that hole. Yikes! The neighbor kindly replaced the cover (those suckers are heavy!) and I complained to the contractor about that as well.

No workers showed up this past weekend - a first! - and I enjoyed a couple of hours futzing around in the backyard. One of my personal failings this year was letting too many weeds go to seed, so I took a couple of plastic trash bags and filled them with seed heads. I also dug up the parsley plants, and have plans to dig up the basils, oregano, and some chives, for fresh herbs this winter. They should love that sunny new room.

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