Monday, September 15, 2008

Visible Improvements

From the outside, the new room looks like it is nearing completion.

The rest of the house has a similar look, now that the windows have been wrapped and the soffits soffitized.

The wasps have been evicted from their condo during renovations.

Inside, things look a little less done. Here is the mudding of the drywall.

And the Spanish lacing of the ceiling.

And a coat of something white. Primer?

Since I last reported rainfall on this blog, over 4" of Ike has dropped from the sky. Since the new room still lacks gutters, said rain puddled, then ponded, then laked around the foundation. If I were more agile, I would crawl under the house and see if things are wet. At least the vents are working.

At least, I presume they are open because they are working the way they are supposed to. I may have book learnin' but I am sadly lacking in skilled trades knowledge.

Friday my daughter and I picked out the laminate floor - "Sydney Eucalyptus". It was the only shade that did not have either yellow or red in it; it is brown, as brown as my brown leather shoes. Saturday we splurged on a kinda expensive ceiling fan, but went cheap on a ceiling light for the laundry.

The painter just called, to get the paint colors: oatmeal for the new room, khaki for the laundry, and "Architectural off-white" for the trim. The wood for the trim is in the garage, just waiting for the trim guys tomorrow.

The dumpster is getting full again, especially since the contractor invited some friends to add their rotten landscaping timbers to the pile. I can't wait for that behemoth to be hauled away. Not that I will be able to park the car in the garage right away, but I will be a step closer.

Some pretty things are also happening around the yard. These pink hardy asters are a surprise.

I obviously planted them because there is a metal plant marker next to them; I just can't make out the name.

Hardy something aster. Good enough for now.

The painted daisies look so crappy during the heat of August, but come cool weather, they become cascades of pink.

But these chrysanthemums are my faves.

Mmmmm... red.

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