Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The concrete guys are done. The framers are coming tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Someday, someday, it will all be over.

More pix from last week.

Here is the two-wheel country lane that is now my side yard to the south.

Here is why I cannot park the car in the garage.

Here is what is left of my deck.

Here is what is left of the silver maple that grew next to the deck.

Here is what is left of my backyard.

Forms in place and concrete poured.

And one last shot.

Now it is Tuesday. The 4-foot gate and fencing is back.

Pink insulation lines the crawl space.

I'm glad I didn't do anything special with the lawn this year.

Or the backyard in general.

The new sump pit, according to code.

Believe it or not, the concrete guys left this bit of trellis over the hole in the foundation to "keep out animals". Yes, it will keep out animals, except for mice, chipmunks, rabbits that are less than morbidly obese, cats, baby skunks, baby raccoons, baby anything.

I contemplated adding a few boards for good measure, but the concrete looked too fresh to be walked on. Here's hoping there are no nocturnal visitors.

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