Thursday, September 04, 2008


I'm having a hard time keeping up with the chronicling of my new room. Here are the results of today's hard work. The framers' labors are very obvious, as they are the ones who create the shell and add the windows and doors.

Since building codes have changed since my house was built in the 1970's (and since the building inspectors don't have much to inspect these days, so are being very picky), my crawl space has vents that are controlled by a thermostat.

There will be French doors on the south side of the room, with steps leading to the patio slab.

The floor in the laundry area was raised, so now I have new steps leading from said laundry to the garage. I'm afraid one too many doors were thrown into the dumpster, though, because I can't find the one that goes between the garage and the laundry.

What is not obvious is the work done today by the heating guys. They were the ones to crawl under the house, to run the duct work from my furnace (which is almost all the way at the south end of the house) to the new room on the north end, plus install the duct work under the room itself.

While they were down there, they found a rusty pipe that needed to be replaced. It was under the drain for the AC that was plugged up last year.

The heating guys also discovered that the vent going from the furnace through the roof was not only cracked but broken, venting gases into my attic. That will cost me something to replace, the first extra expense of this whole project.

I forgot to photograph the new ladder for the attic access, but I'm too tired to do that now.

One of my Stella d'Oro daylilies is making a last gasp.

The yellow daylily next to the front porch has one last bud on it. We'll see if it blooms, too.

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