Monday, May 28, 2012

More catchup

This no rain thing is really starting to get on my nerves. The lawn is already brown, including the clover. I have started a watering schedule - north, east, south sides of the house on Mondays, the backyard on Tuesdays, new plants everyday, vegetable garden every other day. I don't water the lawn, but I may have to start watering the trees. Very discouraging.

Everything that I am going to plant this year is in the ground, except for two new 'Wichita Blue' junipers and a Wentworth highbush cranberry viburnum I purchased last week. I need to have the underground utilities marked before digging holes for them. Oh, and then there are three more coreopsis. And maybe more sunflowers, if I can find a spot for them. Then I am done. Really.

I have started picking snap peas, the tomatoes finally perked up, the green beans are above ground. Today I planted nine sweet potato slips into containers.

After several trips to our neighborhood pond, I finally spotted some ducklings that I am going to assume are the ones hatched in my yard. Huzzah!

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Jason said...

Yes, it's been a dry spring. I normally don't water my flower beds (except for new plants). However, this past weekend I used the soaker hose that is normally only for the vegetables to give the ornamentals a drink.

A couple years ago we had a pair of mallards nest near a neighbor's swimming pool. They would come to our yard to feed, the male usually watching over the female protectively. They were a lot of fun, I miss them.