Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm so excited! Part two

Indigo buntings in my backyard!!!

I have not seen indigo buntings since I left country life behind, almost twenty years ago. Because they are a little shy, I assumed my neighborhood was too citified for them. Perhaps the fault was mine, however - they are summer visitors and I usually take down the feeders by May. Also, I have had issues with stale niger thistle seed in the past. Or maybe I just have not been paying enough attention. Anyway, I am so happy to see them - squee!!!

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Jason said...

We also got indigo buntings for the first time this year in our yard. Very exciting!

We are in a pretty dense urban/suburban area of mixed single family homes and row houses.

What seems to have done the trick for us: 1) spreading millett on the ground; 2) patience. I've been told by those with more experience that attracting birds tends to develop its own momentum over time. Birds are attracted to areas where they see other birds feeding.

Anyhow, congrats - and great pics.s