Saturday, May 19, 2012

Catch up

The week before last, the weather forecast was for night temps to stay above 50, the magic number for tomato plants. So last Sunday I set mine out. Of course, the temps dipped below 50 after that. The plants look unhappy, but should perk up this week.

Other vegetable updates: the peas are starting to blossom, the green beans are in the ground, along with some marigolds and sunflowers. And I have been stimulating the local economy through nursery purchases.

And this is not even all of it. A lot of these are blue-ish perennials for the area west of the West Wing, but then I decided I didn't have enough. Then there were the herbs and annuals, plus coreopsis for the front walk. Yesterday more plants followed me home, some for the meadow and some for the raised beds by the patio and more coreopsis. I'm not quite done yet, but almost.

Even though I planted a raised bed with strawberry plants, I wanted to give the patio planter another try. The problem last year was sufficiently watering the whole thing. If I watered from the top, a lot of water ran out the holes near the top. I tried setting it in water but osmosis did not quite do the trick. So this year I took a length of PVC pipe and drilled some holes in it.

This pipe I inserted while filling the planter with potting soil and strawberry plants. Not the most attractive solution (especially with the funnel on top), but an experiment that may resurrect the Topsy Turvy planters. One defect in my design are the holes above the soil line. Water shoots out them beyond the perimeter of the planter, so I am going to plug them up.

Wildlife update: There are a pair of adult mallards at the neighborhood pond with three babies. I am going to pretend that those are MY ducklings. And recently there have been a lot of Canada geese hanging around the nabe.

The busy two-lane road that fronts our addition is destined to become five lanes a few years from now. I can't help but wonder how that will affect the wildlife. Ugh.

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