Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I could get used to this

Last week my SO and I took a road trip - six states in seven days. I'm not much of a camera-toting tourist, but I do find things to photograph along the way. Like this plant I want, as it would look great with the sedums.

And two interpretations of the Tin Man.

And this garden whimsy (see Elmo and rubber duckies?)

One stop was at Seed Savers Exchange, near Decorah, Iowa.

While our vacation was great, this week is proving to be wonderful, too, as I am taking it off work as well. Task one was mowing the lawn, which had gone to seed in my absence, giving the property that abandoned look. I had to pick up grass clippings to keep the mower from clogging, so they became mulch. Task two was hitting a local nursery, the first of many I plan to visit in the coming weeks. Otherwise, I have been piddling around the yard, weeding and pruning and admiring. Is this what it is like to be retired?

Updates: Mama duck is gone, so I hope she and her babies made it to water okay. The praying mantis egg case is still intact. The asparagus is up and the strawberries are taking hold as well. The Roma tomatoes are taller than ever. I repotted the basil seedlings, transplanted some coleus into the bed on the front porch (this is an experiment - usually I plant impatiens there), twisted off some sweet potato slips to root, and re-introduced the geranium wintered over from last year to the great outdoors.

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