Saturday, April 28, 2012

Guilty doofus

I feel guilty because, while spot spraying dandelions in my front yard, I had to shoo away bees in search of nectar. Pesticides have been implicated in colony collapse disorder (CCD) in bee hives. My understanding is the pesticides in question are insecticides and not herbicides, but still. I subscribe to the Safelawns blog and hope to have an eco-green lawn someday, but I will get there with baby steps.

I'm a doofus because I can't remember where I moved what last year, or where I planted what, either. And I'm impatient. The hostas and bulbs that I thought had rotted in the ground over the winter have proved me wrong. The only plants still MIA are the hibiscus (notoriously late to the dance) and the bleeding heart, and I have not given up hope yet.

Recently planted:
'Latham' raspberries - These went into a raised bed. There were only 4 in the 5-pack but that is really all I have room for anyway.
'Patriot' blueberry - This plant went into a pot because I haven't decided where to put it.
'Ozark Beauty' strawberries - These went into a 4'x4' raised bed, 7 rows of 7 plants (plus four extras).
'Jersey Supreme' asparagus - These also went into a raised 4'x4' bed, 5 rows of 4 plants (and one extra).
Magic lily, aka Resurrection lily, aka Surprise lily, aka Naked Ladies - These went into the bed along south side of house, a bed that is made up primarily of pink flowers, but not much shows up in August, until now.
Potatoes - I planted two varieties, Yukon Gold and Carola, 2.5 pounds of each, into six grow bags.

I invented a new technique for planting asparagus and strawberries into raised beds. At least, it feels original to me. First, I removed about half of the contents of each bed. Then I laid out the plants, providing each with a hillock to raise the crown above the roots - for the asparagus, I squeezed some dirt into a ball, for the strawberries I made furrows.

I filled the beds back in, in layers, lifting the crown of each plant a bit to keep it above or near soil level. The strawberries are already sprouting new leaves; the asparagus appears to be pouting.

Indoors, I still have tomatoes and basil and rosemary plants waiting for warmer weather. The tomatoes and basil I started April 1, thinking they would be just right in about 6 weeks. These plants, however, are a bit precocious.

I potted them up once and I'm not doing it again. They will just have to wait.

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