Friday, April 01, 2011

It won't be long now!

Today I bought some hardware cloth at Menards.  The 24" x 25' rolls were on sale, at about half price, but not the 36" or 48" rolls.  So while I would have preferred to get the 48" roll, I bought several 24" ones, enough to vole-proof my potato bed.

It has been a while since I have seen a rabbit in my backyard, but I did find a big tuft of bunny fur.  Maybe the hawk got him?  I sealed off the one gate where bunny egress was still possible, and am now rethinking the need to enclose the veggie garden in rabbit fencing.  Knock on wood!

My order from Lee Valley arrived already - an oriole feeder and a floating row cover for the brassicas.  The latter has no supports.  I think you just lay it over the plants and cover the edges with dirt.  I will probably enclose the plants in hoops of chicken wire initially - just in case that rabbit is fooling me - so the plants should be okay with the row cover.  I think.  Gardening is always an experiment.

My orders from Stark Bros and Pinetree are also on their way.  Already?  I'm not prepared!  And it's supposed to rain all weekend!  Gardening is also a gamble.

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