Friday, April 08, 2011

Squirrel feeders and a PHD

These guys keep me amused while I work at home in the West Wing.  Better than TV!

I've seen at least three different ones in the yard at the same time.  Occasionally they dash away, in fear of a hawk or meter reader.

As for rabbits, the only ones I've spotted have been outside the fence looking in.  The neighbor girl blames me for the dirth of rabbits this winter - she likes to watch them out their patio door - even though I never killed or relocated any.  I just removed them from my backyard. 

Last night my PHD (Personal Hole Digger) came by to help me plant three American redbud trees.  I opted for inexpensive mail order ones, which look like four-foot sticks, but the root systems were very hearty.  His reward was a bouquet of daffodils, to brighten the gray days we have been having lately.

Today it has been raining most of the day, so my gardening will probably be limited to filling a small strawberry patio tower with potting soil and plants, and repotting a Meyer lemon tree.  I've tried growing trees in pots before, with very little no success.  That does not stop me from trying again.

Oh, and the garlic is up.  Yay!


ErinFromIowa said...

Where did you find your meyer lemon tree?

Abby said...

From Stark Bros. It looks very healthy - hope I can keep it alive!