Thursday, April 21, 2011

More happy

Finally, a break in the rain, so again I took the afternoon off to get a little gardening done.  Both the strawberries and the onions are now planted.  Yay!  And three pounds of onion sets is about 1.5 pounds too many, so I plan to share the extra with my kids.  Onions for all!

It was also a perfect day for spraying weeds - sunny but cool, with very little breeze.  I try to garden as organically as I can manage, using mulch and hoe and my bare hands to keep the weeds under control, but the Canada thistle does me in.  It is one weed that I consider RoundUp-worthy.  My goal is to eliminate it from my yard.

The cool weather has preserved the daffodils and forsythia - they are still going strong - and delayed everything else.  I was hoping the rhubarb would be ready for an Easter pie, but no such luck.  The rhododendron is about to pop, though, and I will probably have to mow next week.  Winter does give way to spring, eventually.

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