Monday, March 28, 2011

Too pooped to pop

I decided to take a vacation day today, making this a three-day weekend, and I had way too much fun.  Well, my kind of fun, which involved a lot of soup making and bread baking.  I took photos of the soups, but I'm too tired to download them.  Take my word for it:  they were beautiful (especially the beet ginger) and they were delicious.

The day was mostly sunny, but looks can be deceiving because it was cold outside.  Not as windy, though, and still above freezing, so I spent some quality time with my compost pile.  My composting method is known (at least, by me) as slow composting.  I pile stuff into one side of the double compost bin while digging compost out of the other.  When the compost is all dug, I shift what is in the first bin into the second.  This happens about once or twice a year, so the piles don't reach optimal cooking temperature to kill weed seeds.  Today I decided to experiment with another method of cooking compost, and I place the finished compost into plastic garbage bags and laid them in the sun.  Theoretically, this should kill weed seeds.  I will be combining this compost with peat to fill containers, so if it is still full of weed seeds, it should become apparent.

I filled four bags, but still had some compost left over, so I spread a little on the rhubarb patch, covering the barely emerged plants, then threw the rest on the garlic bed.  Then I had a walkabout, checking the flowers, shrubs, and trees for signs of life.  Buds are swelling, and in a few cases, leaves are starting to emerge.  It won't be long now!

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Pat - Arkansas said...

I fully understand the too pooped to pop phase; been there and have a blog post to prove it! :)

The beet-ginger soup sounds interesting, and I can almost smell the bread.

Happy weekend to you.