Sunday, March 20, 2011

The guilts

Yesterday I was in the West Wing checking my email when I noticed a sparrow that was having difficulty drinking at the bird bath because the water was so low.  Okay, okay, I'll get you some more water.  Once outside, I discovered it was indeed a lovely day.  Okay, okay, I'll spend some time outside in the yard.  I was feeling lazy, though, so all I did was move the last of the woodpile closer to the house and cut down errant mulberries and other unwanteds.

Inside, when I tried to turn on the lights over the now-sprouted zinnias and calendulas, the GFC kept tripping.  I am not electricity-savvy, so I have no idea why it the circuit worked fine for several days, but now would not.  Originally, I had placed my freezer in this spot in the mudroom, but the recalcitrant GFC convinced me to move it elsewhere.  Placing the wire shelving with the grow lights seemed like a good idea, but not if the lights won't stay lit.  So that too was relocated.  What I really want to put there is a cupboard for coats and cleaning stuff, but I haven't found one I like yet.

I am also contemplating how best to fence in the vegetable garden.  Last year it looked like a graveyard for chicken wire, but said chicken wire did not keep the voles out of the potatoes.  My SO and I cruised Home Depot and Lowes last night, looking for ideas.  I also purchased some basil and marigold seeds, a new hose to replace one that has become brittle and leaky, a bale of peat so I can mix my own potting soil, some primer for painting my Adirondack chairs and new exterior doors, a downspout extender, etc.  Somehow I managed to blow $80 without even trying.  Still, gardening and yard work are cheaper than therapy!

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Pat - Arkansas said...

It looks to me like you got quite a bit accomplished; what are you feeling guilty about? LOL