Tuesday, December 29, 2009

White parentheses around xmas

It snowed before xmas and snowed after xmas, but xmas itself? Rain. And there still isn't enough white stuff for cross country skiing. Boo.

This week's bread is Onion and Caraway Rye bread, from The Bread Book.

It was so good my son and I ate a significant amount of it before I thought to take a picture. The recipe discouraged using active dry yeast, but I did anyway, allowing lots of time for rising, and it turned out just fine. The onion flavor is very subtle.

Re the laundry room: yesterday was the final (FINAL!!!) inspection. The inspector provided some insight about why this process has been so grueling: new computer system. It sounds like a total mess. In my case, some inspections were marked as completed when they were not, while those that were done were not showing up as such in the computer. But now I have all the stickers to prove my new laundry room is kosher. Whew! Now all I need is for some heat to come out of the register in there. Oh, and sometimes when the washer drains, the water in the toilet bowl gurgles. Is that a problem?

My daughter helped me shop yesterday for a new cupboard for the family room. With the installation of the microwave over the stove, I did not need my old microwave and gave it to my son, along with the microwave cart. So now there is not only a hole in the decor, I have nowhere to put my recipe books. Also, I keep accumulating small kitchen appliances, like my sauce maker (BTW, the replacement waste funnel arrived - good customer service!), but have run out of places to store them. I ordered a cupboard/hutch thingy from Furniture Crafts, but it will be a while before it arrives.

We also looked at bookcases at Furniture To Go. Seeing that pile of recipe books on the breakfast bar, I'm wishing I had gone ahead and bought one. It would be for the West Wing. At Target, we did get a toilet paper holder and towel rack for the new laundry. I want a cupboard for over the toilet as well.

And we shopped for a new freezer as well, at Wisman's. (I prefer them over the big box stores.) There are dimension limits on floor space for the freezer, so it looks like I will be getting a 13 cu. ft. chest (heh), manual defrost. I'm a little surprised that the upright ones are frost free. My refrigerator has a frost free freezer compartment and stuff does not keep well in there.

So much for the recent past. Time to look to the future, like next year's garden. Several of the garden bloggers I follow keep track of just how much food their gardens produced, calculating what their investment provided. I hope to do the same this year, but I'm not sure how to incorporate things like the freezer and sauce maker. They represent investments in food production/storage that should be included in the calculations. Maybe I will amortize the freezer over five years. Or am I being too anal?

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