Sunday, October 04, 2009

Lucky in in-laws

Yesterday my daughter and son-in-law came over to install the microwave/exhaust vent over the new stove.


Notice how the old exhaust vent drooped in the back right corner. I paid for that lousy installation, and at the time felt fortunate to do so.


Notice the jog in the exhaust duct. My SIL had to make that jog, as things did not line up quite right. Also notice the outlet in the cupboard. He added that, as the original exhaust fan was hardwired and the new one is not. Shims were required as well.


Before installation, all three of us were questioning just how the microwave was going to fit over the stove and still allow normal cooking operations. But it turned out great. And it required only two trips to the hardware store.

My dad has been nagging his state horticultural society to identify his petunia-eating caterpillar. They responded to his original query with a commentary on slugs. His pest is obviously not a slug, so he sent them a better photo of it.

I still think it is a tobacco budworm. What do you think?

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