Monday, October 12, 2009

Want a little WHINE with that cheese?

The contractor was hoping I could wait until November to convert the garage workshop to a laundry room. I was hoping it could be done in October, as I am expecting company the weekend after Halloween. Even though I tried to sound neutral about it, he could tell I really wanted it done sooner rather than later. And so, today they started.

This is the current laundry area.

A doorway will be cut in the wall behind the dryer, and the 220 and gas line will be moved. I asked them to leave the current outlet and faucets behind the washer because I plan to put a freezer there, plus sometimes I need hot, treated water outside and I will be able to hook a hose up here and run it out to the garage, hopefully with minimal mess.

This was the entry to the workshop at the back of the garage. (The basketball net and swinging doors came with the house.)

I liked the idea of having a workshop here, but realized I used it only to store junk.

Here you can see that the floor has been raised. That may look like a big step, but the floor height will match that of the current laundry area. The interior of my house will be step-free.

Also notice that there was drywall behind that paneling, an unexpected bonus.

The workshop contained a utility sink, the service panel, and after last year's renovation, the dryer vent.

The sink is gone, but the dryer vent remains for now, as theoretically, there will be laundry between now and when they are done. A toilet is going in the corner and a new utility sink will be where the current doorway into the garage is (and that doorway will be closed up). I'm not sure what those new holes in the wall are for, though.

It is not a big project, but it involves several different crews. I think the carpenters are done for now and the plumbers and electricians need to do their thing next, but since everyone is kind of busy, work may proceed in a start-and-stop manner. That's okay, as long as I have some place to put the cat litter box before my company arrives.

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