Monday, December 21, 2009


Last Friday "they" were predicting gray skies but no precipitation. Friday night that changed to an inch accumulation. But they were wrong.

I'm not sure what the official tally was, but at Woodchuck Acres we received several inches of sticky white stuff.

Clearing the driveway and sidewalks became my exercise for the day:

Whenever I shovel snow, I can't help but think about my neighbor across the street, who bought a snowblower because he says he is "too old to shovel snow" (he's younger than I am).

There are rabbits under them thar sheds.

Betsy loves trailing rabbits. Since she is a digger, she has to wear an electronic collar to keep her away from the chainlink fence. Here she has reached the end of her range, where she stands barking in frustration.

Sunday I stayed indoors, where the Year of Bread has started early.

These are Oatmeal Rolls from The Bread Book. My copy is from the library, and while I can renew it five times, I decided to find my own, which I did through a used book seller at Barnes and Noble's online site. Merry xmas to me!

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