Sunday, December 06, 2009

I'm flushing!

Welcome to my new laundry room/half-bath!

Paint colors: Outer room is "Khaki", inner room is "Antique", trim is "Architectural White", and door is "Oatmeal". Flooring pattern: Durastone Festiva Multi Greenstone.

As you can see, technically the service panel is not in the laundry room. Also, the plumbing on the right is the old faucets for the washing machine. I had the plumbers leave them so I can hook up a hose in case I need treated water outside. My outdoor faucets are connected to my well, and if I try to wash siding with that water, my house will turn orange.

The washer and dryer in situ. I bought new clamps for the dryer hose, so no more mishaps with that. Yesterday I did laundry and everything was hooked up and operating as expected.

In the opposite direction, toilet and utility sink. I obviously need hangers for the toilet paper and towels. Hmmm, that would make a useful xmas present (hint, hint!)

This is a Gerber Viper, round, standard height, white. It uses a ridiculously minimal amount of water. I haven't tried flushing golf balls down it yet, but since I use flushable kitty litter, that will become my new disposal method of choice.

The sink I picked up at Menards. The faucet doubles as a sprayer, which will be handy for bathing the dog. The plumber was going to fasten it to the wall, but there was no bracket with the sink, so he anchored the legs to the floor to make it more secure.

There are still a few outstanding issues, but basically, we are done. Whew!

And, apropos of nothing, here is my birthday gift from my daughter. She and my son-in-law hung it over Thanksgiving weekend.

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