Thursday, December 31, 2009

Plans for 2010

Once upon a time, there was something on the web about achieving 101 things in 1001 days. I may even have such a list somewhere. In lieu of that list, I give you this list of 30 things in 240 days (or there abouts). These are above and beyond the usual yard and garden chores, and yet finite and doable. I think.

And I still have to decide what home improvement project to undertake, but it is difficult for me to even think about that when last year's is not yet finished.

About that lawn:
1. Overseed bare spots in lawn with clover (in February/March)

And that unsightly tractor tire:
2. Move hosta from tractor tire to under the lilac
3. Get rid of tractor tire
4. Use sand from tractor tire to create butterfly water site
5. Plant Prairie Fire crabapple where tractor tire is

How about a little curb appeal:
6. Prune shrubs (boxwood, burning bush, etc.)
7. Move some of the cotoneaster to the west side of the West Wing
8. Plant Big Blue Stem to fill in holes left by #7
9. Move sedum from under asplenifolia to in front of Big Blue Stem
10. Move 'Clara Curtis' from south side of house to 3B garden
11. Plant Magic Lilies, aka Naked Ladies, in holes left by #10
12. Divide hostas and day lilies and give away extra
13. Move/give away iris on north side of garage

Birds, butterflies, and bees:
14. Plant morning glories on fence behind 3B garden
15. Install ceramic bird house
16. Install mason bee house
17. Plant winterberry under arborvitae
18. Plant hummingbird sage in 3B garden

Weed control:
19. Experiment with injecting Roundup and/or vinegar into stems of Canada thistle

Protection from the elements:
20. Get estimates for a pergola for the patio
21. Plant arborvitae on west side of house

22. The West Wing needs some
23. Ditto
24. Ditto

Long term food:
25. Plant raspberries
26. Prepare asparagus bed

27. Use gladiolas as row markers
28. Keep better (any) records re vegetable garden production
29. Start dye garden
30. Buy a freezer

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