Friday, May 23, 2008

I (heart) Compost

Earlier this spring, I spread a little love around my yard in the form of compost. The shrubs and perenniels are responding favorably. Compost is such a gentle but potent way to feed the soil which feeds the plants.

Another photo of the onondaga viburnum...

... which doesn't do justice to the contrasting colors of the unopened buds and the creamy flowers.

The chives are almost the same shade of lavendar...

... as the spring phlox that reappear in my yard each year.

There are a lot of mushrooms as well.

I presume the spores piggy back on the mulch.

And I presume these are not edible.

The cotoneaster is recovering from the whacking I gave it earlier this spring.

It is just starting to bloom, as are the columbine...

... and the peony.

The iris is in full swing.

No, this is not poison ivy, but virginia creeper. It got a foothold several years ago and I just let it go, to see what would happen.

Unfortunately, what is going to happen is that it will get whacked when the Florida room is replaced. Not to worry, though, as there is more growing in the back garden.

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