Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Day Two

And two days is all it took to completely eliminate the silver maples.

Even the stumps that were left on Monday...

... were nothing but piles of sawdust on Tuesday.

The crew did a great job. There was nary a rut in the yard, a damage shrub, a mess of any kind. I looked for something to complain about, but came up empty. If you have trees that need attention, I recommend that you contact Mudrack Tree Service.

This is a lousy photo, but it shows two love bunnies who moments before had been romping in the yard, taking turns gently chasing each other. I guess they had too cool off by laying in the rain.

Note the "lake" in the background. That is my driveway. It was on the list to be replaced this year, but now I am distracted by the Florida room, plus concrete is really expensive right now. Maybe next year. Then I can flank the drive with rain gardens. Yeah!

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