Saturday, May 03, 2008

Committed (I Think)

Monday is the day the trees come down. I keep telling myself that I can change my mind at the last minute, but like with my wedding, I know I won't. The backyard will be so different, hopefully in a good way.

Now that the rhododendron is done, it is time to obsess over another shrub.

I am in love with my sandcherry. Everyday it has more and more blossoms. I can't get over what a nice addition it is to my yard.

I was told by someone who should know that this is an Old Fasioned lilac. He said he could tell by the mildew it develops later in the season.

It is not the most handsome lilac around, and it is so close to the property line that I try to keep it pruned back, probably too much, but I guess I'll keep it. For now.

Today is gray and threatening, so it will be an indoor day. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, though. The roar of lawnmowers will fill the air!

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