Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who Are You Callin Yaller?

Yes, the grass is green, but it's these sunny beings that catch the eye these days.

Crocus (soon to be bunny fodder):

Last spring these poor fellows were face-down...

... and the forsythia did not fare much better. But this year it is spectacular.

But green and yellow are not the only colors available so far. I think this is radicchio, left over from last year's planting of mesclun:

And I am hoping these rhododendruns hold back a bit so they don't get bitten by frost:

The lamb may not lay down with the lamb, but apparently beagles and bunnies can co-exist:

If I were more adept with the photo editing, I would add an arrow to show you where the rabbit is, but if you look straight up from Betsy, you should see a pair of rabbit ears against a background of dried leaves.

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