Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Love Is in the Air

This morning, through bleary eyes, I thought I saw a pair of nuthatches playing tag in the brush by the shed, but something about them didn't look right. I fetched my binoculars to get a better peek, and discovered they were not nuthatches at all, but downy woodpeckers! They were doing their courtship dance, hopping around from branch to branch, then pausing to flutter their wings and spread their tales. It was quite the spectacle. Usually, I try to write in the morning and have my head bowed to the computer screen, but this morning I was lucky enough to be too tired to write. Otherwise, I would have missed this display.

Last night the temps dropped below freezing, so this is the last pic of the rhododendron.

Today its petals are dropping in brown puddles. The bumblebees are unhappy about that.

The sandcherry did not mind the cold, though.

Nor did the creeping phlox...

... or these late daffodils.

The blossoms on the serviceberry look iffy, though. Last year there were no berries at all, so I'm hoping some of the blooms survive. The robins love serviceberries.

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