Monday, April 28, 2008

Earwitness Report

I'm not very good at recognizing bird song, but I swear I hear a wren this morning. I received my first wren box as a Mother's Day gift two years ago, and almost as soon as I hung it, a wren set up housekeeping. I consider Mother's Day to be Welcome the Wrens Day, so this seems early to me. With the introduction of the bluebird/sparrow box, I rearranged the wren houses so that one is in the backyard and one is in the front yard. I know the wrens like the backyard, but they may not like having the sparrows as neighbors. The front yard is a little sparse shrubwise, though. We shall see how the new arrangement works out.

Yesterday's yardwork, while not spectacular, has made a difference in the yard and in me. Nothing like a couple of hours of outdoor activity to clear the mind and tone the body.

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