Saturday, March 03, 2012

Blow me down

The wind continues, but fortunately no tornadoes in this part of the state. Even though I did not even lose power, my Internet went out (horrors!) Frontier tech support talked me through resetting the battery-backed up wall unit, which comically disconnected us. But the solution worked (obviously).

Backyard drama frequently includes this Cooper's hawk. I assume there is either a sparrow or a rabbit in that brush pile.

Coming in for a landing

Anybody home?

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Grackles arrived on February 26, a robin on the 28th, and a blue bird in that time frame as well.

Angry yellow eyes

When I see finch feeders in catalogs with 20 perches and a bird on each perch, I assume the photos have been digitally altered, but maybe I shouldn't.

Just starting to turn yellow

On the plant front, I repotted the Meyer lemon, the onions continue to grow under lights, and the rosemary cuttings are rooting, but the sweet potatoes are just sitting there. If something doesn't happen soon, I will need to order some slips.

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