Saturday, March 24, 2012


I want to dig up the daffodil bulbs this year and divide them, but once the flowers are gone, there is no way to tell one from another. The names of these varieties are a mystery, too, so each clump is getting a tag with a number. So far, four varieties are blooming, although one - the solid yellow - may actually be two varieties, one large and one small. It is difficult to determine whether blossoms are naturally small or just stunted.

Last year I planted three redbuds which look slightly better than sticks. Even so, one coughed up a few blossoms this spring.

The service berry is in bloom, while many of the early shows are starting to fade already. One concern I have with all this earliness is, there are no bees out and about yet. Are they going to be screwed up from missing this action?

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