Saturday, March 10, 2012

Still windy but warmer

This afternoon I worked in the yard a bit, spreading wood ashes in the new raised beds and topping them off with leaves from last fall, and I had to abandon the scarf, jacket, and cap I started with. Tomorrow is supposed to be still sunny and warmer yet, but then the rains will return.

No daffodils blooming, but the garlic is making its appearance after its long winter's nap. As you may recall, this is experiment number one with square foot gardening.

I planted four varieties altogether.

The Onondaga viburnum was not looking too healthy last summer, and over the winter it gave up the ghost.

This photo is not b&w - this is what late winter looks like in Indiana.

I'm not too sad because, although the blossoms were beautifully complex, this shrub was bred not to fruit, something the nurseryman forgot to tell me even though I told him I was creating a backyard habitat. Of the three viburnums he sold me, one variety does not fruit at all and one does but only with the appropriate Dentatum cousin to cross-pollinate with. Only the Blackhaw is reliably fruitful all on its lonesome. Lesson learned - it pays to do one's homework.

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Toni said...

Gosh, isn't it exciting to see things growing?? I'm going to have to check my garlic. I'll be interested to see how you like square foot gardening. I liked it, and am doing it again this year, but I will have to pay MUCH more attention to plants with height and how fast plants grow. Even when I thought i was putting the tallest plants in back, occasionally I forgot that the faster-growing shorter plants would block all light from the taller plants.