Friday, February 24, 2012

Out like a lion?

I am fond of saying that February is the longest month of the year. Today the end of February is behaving more like the beginning of March, but with gray skies instead of scudding clouds in a sea of blue. The birds that I feed seem hungrier than usual - maybe the winter stores in the wild now have empty shelves. And those birds have started singing again. Bird song is one of those things you don't notice has been absent until it returns.

Even though it is not yet March, I decided to go ahead and try producing sweet potato slips. I did the usual - took a long, skinny sweet potato and broke it in half, poked three toothpicks into each at its new midsection, and settled each sweet potato butt into a cup of water.

No roots on the rosemary cuttings yet.

The reseeding of the onions is showing results. In fact, stirring the tops of the cells without sprouts caused some of the previously planted seeds to pop, so I may end up with more than 144 plants. That's okay - scallions!

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