Sunday, October 24, 2010


Last night while I was letting the dog out for the final time before bed, the light from a full moon revealed TWO rabbits in the backyard.  This morning, one of them was in the trap.  I may win an occasional battle, but so far I am losing the war.

Yesterday the skies spit on me a bit while I was watering, but no measurable rain fell.  Not today either, despite the weather forecast.  In fact, the sun is shining right now.

Yesterday I pulled out the flannel sheets, only to have a warm spell descend upon us.  The furnace is off and the windows are open.  I am so sick of this weather!  I want to wear woolens and snuggle under afghans.  Boo on global warming!

And since I moved the bird bath so that I can more easily see it from the West Wing, nary a bird has visited.


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