Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The garlic is coming

Besides replanting the garlic varieties I grew this past summer, I ordered two new varieties this year. I'm guessing four varieties will be enough for me, but I might try a bunch before settling on a select few. It would be good to have one for "fresh" eating, one for roasting, one for storage, and one for… what? I'm not sure, but garlic is easy enough to grow that I feel free to experiment, as long as I have the room.

Last year's picks (primarily because I was late to order and there wasn't much to pick from):
  • Broadleaf Czech – raw is hot to very hot, cooked is mild and full flavored. Softneck
  • German Extra Hardy – strong raw flavor, high sugar content, one of the best for roasting. Hardneck
This year's picks:
  • Georgian Fire – raw is "white hot" – strong but not unpleasant. Great for salsas and salads. Hardneck
  • Bogatyr – good storage, most consistent. Hardneck

(Comments from descriptions at Seed Savers Exchange, my supplier.)
I have never roasted garlic before, but it is on the short list of things to do this fall, as I have a recipe for roasted garlic squash soup.  Mmmm!


Toni said...

Oh, those sound yummy! I just canned a roasted vegetable sauce, made with roasted tomatoes, roasted red peppers, roasted onions, roasted garlic, and balsamic vinegar. The house smelled AMAZING! It turns out you can break up the head & just sprinkle cloves (unwrapped) on the sheet when you're roasting other vegetables. It takes a lot less time that way.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Roasted garlic is wonderful! Spread on some thin, well-toasted bread -- who needs butter?