Monday, September 07, 2009

Starting the wind down

The tomatoes are still there and the zucchini has some new blossoms, but the peppers are turning red and the flowers are fading. Time to start preparing the garden and yard for winter slumber. As each garden bed gives up its summer plants, I am doing the lasagna garden thing to it, layering newspaper, sphagnum moss, composted manure, and grass clippings.

We are also continuing to do battle with weeds, but also neatening shrub beds up with edging and fresh mulch. And the lawn - after a dryish summer, the recent rains are making the grass grow, so there is mowing as well. Plenty to do, but the pace feels less frantic. And there is that voice in my head that says "Next year I'll do..." - or most often says, "Next year I WON'T do...!"

One thing I forgot to do this year was plant some gladioli. Fortunately, the local farmer markets have plenty, and my SO brought some with him yesterday.

I ordered garlic, from Seed Savers Exchange this past week. They are running low, so there were only two varieties to choose from. Since I have never grown garlic before, I ordered some of each, to see how they do. I discovered my yard shed is the perfect place for drying onions, so I'm guessing it will serve the garlic well, too.

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