Sunday, September 13, 2009

So many possibilities for this title

At first, I could not believe my eyes, nor figure out what I was seeing growing from the mulch at the edge of my yard. My SO says it is a stinkhorn mushroom (genus Phallus, of course).

Not particularly well-endowed.

I know I have never seen one of these before because I would remember it!

Another fungi from the lawn, this one very fragile, about two inches across.

And miniature mushrooms.

Same mushrooms with a clover blossom for size comparison.

If I were a botanist, I think I would study mushrooms.

Or sedum.

The honeysuckle vine is producing fruit.

If I had unlimited resources, I would set up web cams all around my yard so I could verify which birds like which berries in my backyard.

I did more than just take photos today. There was the usual watering, harvesting, and mowing, plus my good neighbor across the street let me borrow his pickup truck so my good SO and I could take the final load of privet brush to the biosolids site. And since we were there anyway, we brought back a final load of mulch for the year. Yes, things are winding down.

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