Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Odds and ends

Prednisone increases Betsy Beagle's appetite, but I have not increases her food allotment. So she goes out in the yard and catches crickets and EATS THEM!

Easiest way to give a beagle medication is to dip the pill in the butter dish. Not only does the pill smell and taste good, it slides down real easy.

There is a boxwood shrub growing outside the picture window. There is a spider web next to it that appears to be suspended in midair. Actually, one side is attached to the boxwood, the other side is supported by two threads that run from the porch gutter, a good ten feet away. And the spider is HUGE.

The contractor and I are dickering on a price for my new laundry room. We are within $40 of each other. We'll see who caves first. It will probably be me.

There is nothing like impending company to get one to clear off both the breakfast bar and the coffee table, clean the litter box, and vacuum the entire house, all in the space of 45 minutes. Good thing the bathroom was clean, not that anyone used it. Good thing no one used the bathroom because the toilet is not working. Again. (I have a spare.) (And my new laundry room is going to have a toilet, too. A single person living alone can never have too many toilets.)

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